Vignette Crit'air


Frequently asked questions

Why order a critair?

The sticker is an official sticker that indicates the environmental class of a vehicle (car, truck, etc.) based on its atmospheric pollutant emissions, based on the data of the car manufacturer.

What are the risks if I drive without a critair?

If your vehicle is not allowed to circulate or if you move without your sticker within a ZFE, you risk a fine of 450 euros.

Order online on Verif-Auto

Your order will be processed upon receipt. The sticker is part of our range of services offered in the form of a subscription at 0.99€ for 2 days of trial and then 29€ per month. More information on the offer on our pricing page. If you do not want the additional services offered by the site, you can order your sticker alone on the government website.