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We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

The services of Verif Auto

Data +

Environmental Footprint: Emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.

VIN decoder: make, model, etc. Checking against a European database of stolen vehicles.

Administrative assistance

Retrieval of documents needed for vehicle sales.

Ordering a Crit'air sticker for vehicles in France and abroad


Annuaire de prestataires certifiés par l’Etat français

Directory of technical control centers and their prices

Our goal

Make all the information available to help you choose your vehicle and drive with peace of mind

Ecological footprint and identification data

Ecological footprint

Our tool gathers data on more than 9000 vehicles currently available on the market: CO2 rate, Emissions of other pollutants (CO - HC - Nox), fuel or electricity consumption, energy cost per 100 km.

Looking for your next vehicle? Are you a fleet manager? Put the ecological footprint at the heart of your purchasing decisions

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Vehicle identification and rating

VIN decoder

Our tool allows you to identify all the characteristics of your vehicle in a few clicks and generate a complete report including :

  • Make, model and exact finish
  • Precise list and details of options
  • Rate for each option
  • List of standard equipment
  • Engine, displacement, power
  • Gearbox type and transmission type
  • Country of origin and date of production
  • Code, name and type of exterior paint
  • Code, name and type of interior trim
  • Price of new vehicle + total price of options

Administrative assistance


Download in a few clicks the documents necessary for the sale of your vehicle. For each sale of a used vehicle it is necessary to fill in and sign several administrative forms ("cerfas"). You can find all these forms in your customer area, along with a filling guide to make sure you don't make a mistake.

Anti-pollution sticker

Your city has just integrated a ZFE and you need to obtain an anti-pollution sticker (Crit'air sticker)? We can assist you in this process. Your sticker will be sent to you directly by mail.

What is an EPZ?

A low-emission zone is an urban area where access is reserved for the least polluting vehicles.

Directory of verified providers

Certified driving schools

The quality driving school label is issued by the State to driving schools. This label guarantees a quality training, clear and precise.

Technical control

Find the nearest technical control, and especially make sure of the price beforehand. No more unpleasant surprises, you can carry out your procedures with complete peace of mind.

Need help?

Please contact our support team by e-mail at the following address contact@verif-auto.com

Concerned about your satisfaction, we answer you within 1 working day.

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Try our trial offer at 0,99€ during 48h

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Ecological footprint check (unlimited)
Ecological sticker order (1 / month)
VIN decoder (100 requests/month)
Access to trusted providers
Access to deer
Dedicated customer service, response within 24 hours

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trial offer at 0,99€ during 48h

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